thick - definition and synonyms


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  1. 1
    a thick object or material has a long distance between two opposite sides, edges, or surfaces

    She was wearing a thick woollen sweater.

    a thick layer of snow

    Cut the bread into thick slices.

    Try not to make too much noise – the walls aren’t very thick.

    1. a.
      used for stating the distance between the opposite surfaces or edges of a solid object

      The walls in our house are only a few inches thick.

      It is a rectangular piece of wood, perhaps 5 centimetres thick.

  2. 2
    a thick liquid is more stiff or solid than normal and does not flow easily

    The soup should be nice and thick.

  3. 3
    thick hair or fur is made of many small hairs growing very close together

    Her thick dark hair hangs all the way to her shoulders.

    a thick beard

    1. a.
      a thick forest, bush, area of grass etc has many trees, leaves, or plants growing very close together

      a thick row of trees

  4. 4
    thick smoke, cloud, fog etc fills the air completely, so that it is difficult to see or difficult to breathe
  5. 5
    if a place is thick with something, it is full of it
    thick with:

    The air was thick with smoke.

    The airport was thick with police officers.

  6. 6
    a thick accent shows very clearly that the speaker comes from a particular place because of the way their words sound

    He speaks Spanish fluently, but with a thick British accent.

    1. a.
      if your voice is thick with an emotion, it sounds less clear than usual because of the emotion
      thick with:

      His voice was thick with fury.

  7. 7
    informal stupid

    He’s rich, but a bit thick.

  8. 8
    spoken very friendly with someone
    thick with:

    She’s very thick with her next-door neighbour.

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