temper - definition and synonyms


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  1. 1
    [countable/uncountable] a tendency to get angry very quickly

    That temper of yours is going to get you into trouble.

    She should never have married a man with such a violent temper.

    have a short temper (=become angry very quickly):

    He’s not a bad boss, but he has a short temper.

    control your temper:

    Andrew has not yet learned to control his temper.

    tempers flare (=people get angry):

    Tempers flared and things began to get out of control.

    tempers fray (=people start to get angry):

    It was a difficult meeting and tempers got a bit frayed.

  2. 2
    [singular/uncountable] a particular emotional state or mood
    in a bad/foul/terrible etc temper:

    When Mark turned up he was in a foul temper.

    in a good temper:

    He seems to be in a good temper.

    1. a.
      an extremely angry state
      be in a temper:

      He doesn’t mean what he says when he’s in a temper.

      get/fly into a temper:

      When she refused to help, he flew into a temper.

      a fit of temper (=a sudden short period of uncontrolled anger):

      He stormed out of the room in a fit of temper.

      a temper tantrum (=a sudden short period of uncontrolled anger):

      As a small child he had had violent temper tantrums.