tape - definition and synonyms


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  1. 1
    [uncountable] a long thin plastic band on which you can record sounds, pictures, or information
    on tape:

    We’ve got the concert on tape.

    1. a.
      [countable] a plastic case called a cassette containing tape that you can use for recording something or on which something has been recorded

      This is a great tape – have you heard it?

      a blank tape (=with nothing recorded on it):

      We need a blank tape so that we can record the film.

  2. 2
    [uncountable] a long thin band of plastic that is sticky on one side and is used for sticking things together
  3. 3
    [countable] British informal a tape measure
  4. 4
    [countable/uncountable] a long thin band of cloth or plastic used for fastening things together or for marking the edges of an area

    Police roped off the area with yellow tape after the incident.

    1. a.

      the tape

      a long thin band stretched across the line where a race ends