talk down - definition and synonyms

phrasal verb [transitive]
present tense
I/you/we/theytalk down
he/she/ittalks down
present participletalking down
past tensetalked down
past participletalked down
  1. 1
    talk someone down British to talk loudly so that other people cannot hear what someone is saying
  2. 2
    talk someone down informal to speak to and calm someone who is upset or nervous, especially because they have taken an illegal drug

    She talked him down, telling jokes to ease the tension.

  3. 3
    talk someone/something down to use a radio to explain to someone who is flying a plane how to land it

    When the pilot died, a passenger was left to be talked down by a flying instructor.

  4. 4
    talk someone down informal to persuade someone to lower the price of something
    talk down to:

    He wanted five thousand dollars, but I talked him down to four.

  5. 5
    talk someone/something down to talk about someone or something in a way that makes people think they are not as good as they really are

    I don’t like to hear people talking this country down.

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