strong - definition and synonyms


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  1. 1
    physically powerful and healthy

    Are you strong enough to carry that heavy box?

  2. 2
    produced with or using a lot of power or force

    a singer with a strong voice

    a strong punch/kick/blow

  3. 5
    someone who is strong has confidence, determination, and emotional strength

    You’ve got to be strong and not let their remarks bother you.

  4. 6
    good at doing or understanding something

    She’s a strong swimmer.

    1. a.
      of a good standard, and likely to succeed

      They have a very strong hockey team this year.

    2. b.
      used about things that you are good at

      What are his strong and weak points (=the things he is best and worst at)?

  5. 9
    of a high degree or level

    There’s a strong possibility that they’ll marry in the spring.

  6. 10
    able to produce a powerful effect

    strong medicine

    a strong smell/taste

    I had to use strong language (=words that shock people), but I think it worked.

  7. 11
    with a lot of power and influence

    a strong leader/president

  8. 14
    strong light or strong colours are very bright
  9. 15
    clear and noticeable

    He speaks French with a strong British accent.

    She has very strong features (=you are likely to notice and admire her eyes, nose, and mouth).

  10. 16
    great in number

    There was a strong police presence (=a lot of police officers) at the demonstration.

    1. a.
      used with a number to say how many people are in a group

      The crowd was 10,000 strong.