strike - definition and synonyms

noun [countable] 

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  1. 1
    a period of time during which people refuse to work, as a protest about pay or conditions of work
    strike by:

    A strike by transport workers was launched on August 12th.

    strike over:

    a 15-day strike over pay and poor safety conditions

    be (out) on strike:

    Workers have been out on strike since Friday.

    call a strike (=ask people to start it):

    The two main unions had called the strike.

    a miners’/teachers’ strike:

    schools closed by a teachers’ strike

    a train/tube/dock strike:

    A dock strike has crippled the port.

    strike in protest at:

    The strikes are in protest at the planned introduction of performance-related pay.

    See also hunger strike
  2. 2
    a military attack, especially one in which planes drop bombs on an area
    strike against:

    the danger of an imminent military strike against the United States

    strike on:

    Cluster bombs were used in the strike on the airfield.

    launch a strike (on/against someone/something):

    Bush warned that America would launch strikes against them if the war spread.

    See also first strike
  3. 3
    British a hit or kick of a ball, especially one with which you score a goal or a point

    Stevens got the first goal with a brilliant strike in the fourth minute.

    1. a.
      a situation in bowling in which you succeed in knocking down all the pins (=bottle shaped objects) with one ball
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  4. 4
    a discovery of something such as gold or oil by digging or drilling