stick to - definition and synonyms

phrasal verb [transitive]
present tense
I/you/we/theystick to
he/she/itsticks to
present participlesticking to
past tensestuck to
past participlestuck to
  1. 1
    stick to something to do something that you promised or decided you would do, or that you believe you should do

    We said we’d give her the cash, and we must stick to our agreement.

  2. 2
    stick to something to continue to do or use one particular thing and not change it or stop it for any period of time

    I think we should stick to our original plan.

    stick to the rules (=obey the rules):

    If everyone sticks to the rules, we shouldn’t have any problems.

    stick rigidly/resolutely to something (=without changing or stopping):

    If you stick rigidly to your diet, you will lose weight.

    1. a.
      stick to something to talk or write about one particular thing only

      Forget your opinionsjust stick to the facts,’ said Mel impatiently.

      I do wish you’d stick to the point.

      stick to doing something:

      Writers should stick to writing about things they know about.

  3. 4
    stick to someone to stay very close to someone and follow them wherever they go
    stick close to someone:

    Moore stuck close to the race leader until the last lap.

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  4. 5
    stick to your guns informal to refuse to change what you are saying or doing despite the opposition or criticism of other people

    They tried to persuade me, but I stuck to my guns.

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