steady - definition and synonyms


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  1. 1
    firmly held in a particular position without moving or shaking

    Hold the torch steady so I can see better.

    steady hand:

    You have to have a steady hand to be a surgeon.

    steady gaze/look:

    She brought her eyes up to meet his steady gaze.

  2. 2
    slowly and gradually continuing to change, move, or happen

    Slow but steady progress has been made towards concluding the deal.

    steady growth/increase/rise:

    The company hopes to see a steady increase in car sales this year.

    steady stream/flow:

    A steady stream of people came to our grand opening.

  3. 3
    staying at the same level, speed, value etc
    steady rhythm/rate/pace:

    She listened to the steady rhythm of his breathing as he slept.

  4. 5
    reliable and continuing for a long period of time
    steady work/job/income:

    It wasn’t easy to find steady work in the city.

derived word



Rachel was silent, watching him steadily.