sort out - definition and synonyms

phrasal verb [transitive]
present tense
I/you/we/theysort out
he/she/itsorts out
present participlesorting out
past tensesorted out
past participlesorted out
  1. 1
    British to make arrangements for something to happen, or to decide how it will happen

    Danny’s organizing the food and the music’s already sorted out.

  2. 2
    to do what is necessary to deal with a problem, disagreement, or difficult situation successfully

    This matter could be sorted out if they would just sit down and talk.

    sort yourself out:

    If you have a problem, the welfare officer can help you sort yourself out.

  3. 3
    to get rid of things that you do not need and arrange things that you do need tidily

    I need to sort out the mess on my desk.

    I’ve managed to sort the newspapers out.

  4. 4
    to find out information that allows you to understand something
    sort out how/what/why etc:

    Investigators are still trying to sort out why the accident happened.

  5. 5
    British informal to provide something for someone
    sort someone out:

    If you need a new bike, I can sort you out.

    sort something out for someone:

    We’ll sort out more suitable clothes for you.

  6. 6
    British informal to make someone stop causing problems for you, for example by talking to them or punishing them
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