sometime - definition and synonyms

adjective, adverb 

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Sometime is used in the following ways:
as an adverb: The shop will open sometime next year.
as an adjective (only before a noun): Bill Veeck, sometime baseball team owner
In British English, sometime can also be written as some time when it is used as an adverb.
  1. 1
    at a time in the past or the future that you do not know exactly or have not yet decided

    I’d love to visit Norway sometime.

    The album is expected to be released sometime next year.

    Ewan returned from London sometime last Tuesday afternoon.

  2. 2
    [only before noun] used for showing what someone used to be, for example what their job, status, or relationship was in the past

    The article was written by William Watson, sometime literary editor of ‘The Scotsman’.