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  1. 1
    science a solid substance is firm and hard and is not a liquid or a gas

    It remains solid at room temperature.

    frozen solid:

    The lake was frozen solid.

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  2. 2
    a solid object or shape does not have any holes or empty space inside it

    a solid block of ice

    1. a.
      a solid line is continuous, with no breaks in it

      a solid line of traffic

    See also hollow
  3. 3
    strong enough not to break or become damaged easily

    the solid stone walls of the church

    The containers have to be solid enough to withstand the pressure.

    1. a.
      someone who looks solid is big and has a strong firm body
  4. 4
    completely good, with no mistakes or bad parts

    The team was fairly solid on defence.

    solid evidence/proof:

    Would the evidence be solid enough to convince a jury?

    a solid performance:

    She gives another solid performance as an unemployed single mother.

  5. 5
    with no pauses or interruptions

    I can’t believe I slept for twelve hours solid.

    It rained for a solid week.

  6. 7
    someone who is solid is sensible and can be trusted

    He has a solid family background.

    1. a.
      used about someone who is always loyal

      a solid supporter of the Republican party

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