size - definition and synonyms


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  1. 1
    [countable/uncountable] how large or small something is
    size of:

    an engine size of 2000 cc

    Moscow’s metro system is less than half the size of New York’s.

    reduce/increase the size of something:

    The president has promised to reduce the size of the army.

    in size:

    After six months the tumour had doubled in size.

    cut something to size:

    The boards should be cut to size and nailed into place.

    full size (=as large as something will ever be):

    The plants should reach full size in about four years.

    all shapes and sizes (=many different types or forms):

    Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes.

  2. 2
    [countable] one of a series of standard measurements according to which goods are made or sold

    What size shoes do you take?

    a larger/smaller size:

    Do you have this skirt in a larger size?

    size 8/10/12 etc:

    This dress is a size 12.

  3. 3
    [uncountable] the fact that something is very large
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  4. 4
    [uncountable] a type of glue used for making paper or cloth become stiff and shiny
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