single - definition and synonyms


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  1. 1
    only one

    We ought to be able to complete the work in a single day.

    The envelope contained a single sheet of paper.

  2. 2
    not married, or not in a romantic relationship

    Please state whether you are single, married, or divorced.

    Are there no attractive single men left?

  3. 3
    designed for one person, or used by one person
    a single bed/mattress/sheet:

    The room has two single beds.

    There is a supplement to pay for a single room.

  4. 4
    considered separately

    Do we have to count every single penny we spend?

    the single largest/biggest etc:

    Drugs are the single biggest cause of crime here.

    the biggest/largest etc single:

    This is the biggest single issue facing older people.

  5. 5
    the same for everyone

    We’re paying a single rate for all workers, experienced or inexperienced.

  6. 6
    British a single ticket is used for travelling to a place, but not for returning from it

    I’d like a single ticket to Dover.