sea - definition and synonyms


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  1. [singular/uncountable] the large area of salt water that covers most of the surface of the Earth

    Tim went swimming in the sea.

    He had a room overlooking the sea.

    We’re renting a house by the sea (=close to the sea).

    into the sea:

    I ran across the beach and into the sea.

    at sea (=in a boat or ship on the sea):

    Some older tankers need maintenance while at sea.

    by sea (=in a ship across the sea):

    Most of his belongings will be transported by sea.

    out to sea (=out onto the sea):

    She rowed the boat out to sea.

    lost at sea (=died in the sea):

    A service was held to commemorate those lost at sea.

    put to sea (=start a journey in a ship):

    The cruiser put to sea yesterday from the port of Murmansk.

    the open sea (=a part of the sea far from land):

    The yacht was on the open sea in light winds.

    1. a.
      [countable] [usually plural] the condition of the sea, especially the way that it is affected by the weather
      calm/rough/choppy/stormy seas:

      A fishing boat is missing in rough seas off the Shetlands.

      The sea was very choppy (=with many small waves).

    2. b.
      [countable] a large area of salt water

      The dam will create an enormous inland sea.

    3. c.


      [singular] used as part of the name of a sea

      the Irish Sea

    4. d.

      the seas

      literary the sea in general

      the peace and freedom of the seas