run over - definition and synonyms

phrasal verb
present tense
I/you/we/theyrun over
he/she/itruns over
present participlerunning over
past tenseran over
past participlerun over
  1. 1
    [transitive] to hit someone or something with a vehicle and drive over them
    be/get run over:

    Keeley was run over by a car outside her house.

  2. 2
    [transitive] run over something to practise what you are going to say in a speech, performance etc

    She kept running over her lines.

  3. 3
    [transitive] run over something to explain something again so that someone understands

    Would you run over the sequence of events again?

  4. 4
    [transitive] to think a lot about something, such as a decision or experience

    I couldn’t stop running it over in my mind.

  5. 5
    [intransitive] to continue for longer than planned

    Sorry I’m late, the meeting ran over.

  6. 6
    [intransitive] if a container runs over, there is too much liquid in it
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