replace - definition and synonyms

verb [transitive] 

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present tense
present participlereplacing
past tensereplaced
past participlereplaced
  1. 1
    to get rid of someone or something, and to put a new person or thing in their place

    We’ll have to replace all the furniture that was damaged in the flood.

    replace something with something:

    The plan is to replace state funding with private money.

    1. a.
      mainly literary to take the place of something that was there before

      Suddenly Jon’s relaxed mood was replaced by a feeling of panic.

  2. 2
    to do someone’s job after they leave it

    Have they found anyone to replace me yet?

    1. a.
      to be used for doing the same job as something that was used before
  3. 3
    to put something back in its correct place or position

derived word