repeat - definition and synonyms

verb [transitive] 

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present tense
present participlerepeating
past tenserepeated
past participlerepeated
  1. 1
    to say or write something again

    Can you repeat what you just said, please?

    The first line is repeated throughout the poem.

    If you repeat those allegations, we will consult our lawyers.

    repeat that:

    He repeated that he was not interested in buying a new car.

  2. 2
    to do something again, or to make something happen again

    If you don’t pass this exam you’ll have to repeat a year.

    Repeat the exercise eight times with each leg.

  3. 3
    to tell someone something that someone else has told you

    I’ll tell you a secret, but please don’t repeat it to anyone.

  4. 4
    to say or write something that you have heard or read because you are trying to learn or understand it

    She can repeat the poem from memory (=without looking at it).

    repeat something after someone:

    The students carefully repeated the words after the teacher.

phrasal verbs

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