recognize - definition and synonyms

verb [transitive] [not usually progressive] 

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present tense
present participlerecognizing
past tenserecognized
past participlerecognized
  1. 1
    to know who the person is or what the thing is that you are seeing, hearing etc because you have seen, heard etc them before

    I hardly recognized you with a beard!

    I recognized the house from your description.

    Asthma sufferers soon learn to recognize the symptoms of an attack.

  2. 2
    to accept that something is true or important

    Most fishermen recognize the need to limit fishing.

    recognize (that):

    We recognize that there are some problems with the current system.

    1. a.
      to accept the authority or status of someone or something

      This credit card is recognized all over the world.

      recognize someone/something as something:

      He is recognized as the new champion.

    2. b.
      to officially agree that a country or organization exists

      Many countries refused to recognize Macedonia.