public - definition and synonyms

adjective [usually before noun] 

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  1. 1
    available for people in general to use

    public transport

    a public library

    the city’s attractive public spaces

    1. a.
      involving a lot of people, or involving people in general

      There has been a public outcry about her imprisonment.

      The scheme has a lot of public support.

      a public nuisance/hazard

    2. b.
      used about something that anyone is allowed to watch, listen to, or take part in
  2. 3
    relating to the part of your life that people in general know about, for example your work, rather than your life at home

    She keeps her public and private lives very separate.

    1. a.
      used about things that most people know about because they are not private or secret

      a very public display of unity

      make something public (=tell everyone about it):

      the decision to make the results public

    2. b.
      used about places and situations where other people might see or hear you

      Can we go somewhere a little less public?