prefer - definition and synonyms

verb [transitive] 

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present tense
present participlepreferring
past tensepreferred
past participlepreferred
  1. [never progressive] to like or want someone or something more than someone or something else

    Which do you prefer, the red or the blue one?

    much prefer someone/something:

    I much prefer your hair like that.

    prefer someone/something to someone/something:

    Even today, most Americans prefer coffee to tea.

    prefer to do something:

    Do you prefer to exercise indoors or out of doors?

    prefer doing something:

    I prefer working on my own.

    prefer someone to do something:

    I’d prefer you to drive, if you don’t mind.

    prefer something (to be) something:

    I prefer my curry a little spicier.

    would prefer (that):

    I’d prefer that the job were a little closer to my home.

    someone would prefer it if:

    The doctor would prefer it if you could come a little earlier.

    something is to be preferred to something:

    The original is definitely to be preferred to this inferior new version.