possible - definition and synonyms


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  1. 1
    if something is possible, it can be done

    The task will not be possible without access to the Internet.

    it is possible to do something:

    It is possible to see as far as Corsica on a clear day.

    make something possible:

    a new technique that made it possible to perform this operation

    if (at all) possible:

    We need to avoid delay if at all possible.

    1. a.
      something that is possible might happen in the future

      A guilty verdict is always possible.

      possible (that):

      It is perfectly possible that humans might one day live on other planets.

  2. 2
    considered capable of happening, existing, being done, or being true, but not very likely
    possible (that):

    I suppose it’s just possible she didn’t know, but I’m sure I told her.

  3. 3
    used with a superlative for emphasizing that something has the most or least of a particular quality

    He arrived at the worst possible time.

    Deb scored the highest score possible on the test.