position - definition and synonyms

noun [countable] 

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  1. 1
    the way that someone’s body is placed

    I dragged myself into a sitting position.

    First, get yourself into a comfortable position.

    1. a.
      the way that an object is placed

      Raise the lever to the up position to get the water to flow.

      The motor is mounted in the upright position.

    2. b.
      a way of placing your body in ballet or yoga
    3. c.
      a way that two people place their bodies when they are having sex
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  2. 2
    a general situation

    The position is that all new residents are assessed by a social worker.

    1. a.
      a situation that a particular person is in

      I wouldn’t boast about that if I were in your position.

      Someone in their position can’t afford to take that kind of risk.

      be in a position to do something:

      I’m not in a position to say who my sources are.

    2. b.
      used for talking about how much money a person or organization has

      What is your current financial position?

      strengthen/improve/consolidate someone’s position (=make someone’s financial situation better):

      A further injection of capital strengthened the company’s position.

  3. 3
    where something is in relation to other things

    Place the plant in a bright sunny position.

    position of:

    Here is a chart showing the positions of the planets.

    1. a.
      in team sports, the part of the field where a particular player plays

      ‘What position do you play?’ ‘Centre forward.’

  4. 4
    an opinion about an important issue
    position on:

    No one was sure of his position on any issue.

    take a position:

    Do you expect the government to take a position one way or another on this legislation?

    take the position that:

    The agency takes the position that the government’s specifications were deficient.

  5. 5
    a job in a company

    There are 12 women in management positions within the company.

    I’m sorry, the position has already been filled (=someone has already been chosen to do the job).

  6. 6
    someone’s rank or status in an organization or in society
    a position of authority/responsibility/power:

    Such behaviour was clearly not acceptable for someone in a position of authority.

    abuse your position (=try to get an unfair advantage from your position):

    He had seriously abused his position as a doctor by releasing patientspersonal details.

  7. 7
    the place that someone or something has in a list or competition

    Following behind in fourth position is car number 47.

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