pit - definition and synonyms

noun [countable] 

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  1. 1
    a hole that you dig in the ground to put something in it

    a barbecue pit

    1. a.
      a mine under the ground, especially a coal mine

      My father worked down the pit.

    2. b.
      a very large hole dug in the ground in order to obtain a particular substance or type of stone

      a gravel pit

    3. c.
      a hole in the ground where you can lie to look underneath cars
  2. 3
    informal an extremely untidy place

    Her room was an absolute pit.

  3. 4

    the pits

    informal something that is very bad

    Having to work on Saturday night is the pits.

  4. 5
    mainly literary a state in which you have very strong unpleasant feelings or in which something bad is happening
    pit of:

    Dimitri was in a pit of despair.

    Many politicians have fallen into the pit of corruption.

  5. 6
    a small mark or hole in a surface

    His skin was full of pits.

  6. 7

    the pits

    [plural] British the area beside a race track where cars are repaired or get more petrol during a race
  7. 8
    British very informal a bed
  8. 10
    mainly American informal an armpit