partner - definition and synonyms

noun [countable] 

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  1. 1
    someone who you live with and have a sexual relationship with

    Please state your partner’s name and occupation.

    the search for an eligible marriage partner

  2. 2
    someone who you do a particular activity with

    John is my tennis partner.

    1. a.
      someone who you dance with

      Take your partners for the last dance.

  3. 3
    business one of two or more people who own a company and share its profits and losses. A business owned in this way is called a partnership, and is usually one that provides professional services such as giving legal and financial advice

    I’ll need to discuss this with my business partner.

    partner in:

    His ambition was to become a partner in his father’s law firm.

    senior/junior partner:

    If the matter cannot be resolved, one of the senior partners should be informed.

  4. 4
    business a business, organization, or country that has an agreement or working relationship with another business etc

    China is one of our major trading partners.

    The report was jointly prepared by this institution and our partners in the US Geological Survey.