packet - definition and synonyms

noun [countable] 

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  1. 1
    a small parcel or envelope containing a set of similar things
    packet of:

    A packet of brochures arrived in the post.

    a packet of seeds

    1. a.
      British a box, bag, or plastic wrapping containing food that has been weighed ready to be sold, or the food that this contains. The American word is package

      The ingredients should be listed on the packet.

      packet of:

      a 500g packet of spaghetti

    2. b.
      British a paper or plastic bag containing potato crisps, or the crisps that a bag contains.
      packet of:

      All I had for lunch was a packet of crisps.

    3. c.
      British a box of cigarettes, or the number of cigarettes that a box contains, usually 20. The American word is pack.
  2. 2
    British informal a large amount of money

    I bet he’s earning a packet.

  3. 3
    computing a small amount of computer information that has been divided up so that it can be sent across a computer network