ourselves - definition and synonyms


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Ourselves is a reflexive pronoun, being the reflexive form of we. It can be used especially in the following ways:
as an object that refers to the same people who are the subject of the sentence or who are mentioned somewhere earlier in the sentence: We all enjoyed ourselves.He asked us some questions about ourselves.
after ‘we’ for emphasis: We ourselves have to make these decisions.
  1. 1
    used for showing that both you and a group that you are a part of are affected by or involved in an action that you do together

    We kept ourselves awake by playing card games.

    We will defend ourselves with all our strength.

    We are doing this for ourselves and our families.

  2. 2
    used for referring to yourself and a group that you are a part of, when you have already been mentioned in the same sentence

    The training programme will give us a better understanding of ourselves.

  3. 3
    used instead of ‘us’ when you are trying to be polite. Many people consider this use to be incorrect

    One copy of the document should be returned to ourselves.

  4. 4
    used for emphasizing that you are referring to yourself and the group that you are a part of, and not to anyone else

    Because we ourselves are Italian, we know what Italian cooking should be.

    1. a.
      used for emphasizing that you and the group that you are a part of do something without help from anyone else

      If you won’t help us, we’ll do it ourselves.