or else - definition and synonyms

  1. 1
    used for stating the second of two possibilities

    You could drive across France, or else fly to Geneva and hire a car.

    either...or else:

    Either he’s asleep, or else he’s just ignoring me.

  2. 2
    used for saying that there will be a bad result if someone does not do something or if something does not happen

    We must leave now or else we’ll miss our train.

    Always check the oil level, or else you risk damaging the engine.

  3. 3
    mainly spoken used for threatening someone

    Give me back those letters or else I’ll scream.

    or else (=used when you do not say what you are threatening to do):

    You’d better do as we tell you, or else!

  4. 4
    mainly spoken used for saying that something must be true, because the situation would be different if it were not true

    You know I really care about you, or else I wouldn’t be here.

    I’m sure they’re safe, or else we’d have heard something.

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