nothing - definition and synonyms


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  1. 1
    not anything

    There was nothing in the room except for a mattress.

    She waited and watched, but nothing happened.

    nothing at all:

    I knew nothing at all about looking after babies.

    nothing else:

    The smoke alarms were working, but it seemed nothing else was.

    nothing new/strange/wrong etc:

    I saw nothing strange in the situation.

    There’s nothing wrong with tourism – it’s good for business.

    nothing to do/eat/drink etc:

    The kids complain that there’s nothing to do there.

    Some of them had had nothing to eat for three days.

  2. 2
    not anything that is important or worth thinking about

    You’re just making a fuss about nothing.

    Do I mean nothing to you?

    A minor headache is nothing to worry about.

    nothing much:

    ‘What did you do while I was gone?’ ‘Nothing much.’

  3. 3
    no money

    The car is worth nothing now.

  4. 4
    informal used in a score to mean ‘zero

    Our team beat the Eagles, four – nothing.

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