normal - definition and synonyms


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  1. 1
    something that is normal is how you expect it to be, and is not unusual or surprising in any way

    He didn’t like anything to interrupt his normal daily routine.

    You can telephone during normal working hours.

    Temperatures are higher than normal.

    perfectly normal:

    You may feel sick after the treatment, but this is perfectly normal.

    under/in normal circumstances:

    Under normal circumstances, candidates are interviewed by the head of the department.

    normal practice/procedure (=what usually happens):

    In those days, it was normal practice to treat the disease at home.

    back to normal:

    Life is beginning to get back to normal after the fire.

    return to normal:

    It could take two weeks for your health to return to normal.

    it is normal to do something:

    It’s normal to be nervous before an interview.

    it is normal for someone to do something:

    It was fairly normal for people to have large families then.

  2. 2
    someone who is normal is like most people in the way that they think, behave, or look

    He’s no herojust a normal human being.

    perfectly/entirely/completely normal:

    She’s a perfectly normal messy child!

    1. a.
      offensive not mentally or physically disabled. People who are disabled consider this word offensive and it is better to describe someone who is not physically disabled as able-bodied and someone who is not mentally disabled as mentally competent.