none - definition and synonyms

adverb, pronoun 

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None can be used in the following ways:
as a pronoun: I asked for some more cake, but there was none left. (followed by ‘of’): None of my friends will help me.
as an adverb: She pushed him none too gently back against the wall.
When none is the subject of a sentence and refers to members of a group of people or things, it can be used with a singular or plural verb. Some people think it is more correct to use a singular verb in these cases: None of his friends lives nearby.None of the plates were broken.
  1. not one of a group of people, or things or no amount of something

    I thought there was some coffee in the cupboard, but there’s none there.

    Few residents were willing to be named, and none would be photographed.

    none of:

    The driver was killed, but none of the passengers was hurt.

    None of the money actually went to the people who needed it.

    none at all:

    Some people with the disease might display only mild symptoms or none at all.

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