nice - definition and synonyms


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  1. 1
    attractive, enjoyable, or pleasant

    Your hair looks nice.

    London is a much nicer place to live nowadays.

    a nice cup of tea

    There’s a nice view from the upstairs window.

  2. 2
    friendly, kind, and pleasant

    She’s a nice girl.

    it is nice of someone (to do something):

    It was nice of you to come.

    nice to:

    He’s always been nice to me.

    1. a.
      spoken used for saying that someone or something is not friendly, kind, or pleasant

      Mark hasn’t invited you.’ ‘Well, that’s very nice, isn’t it?’

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  3. 3
    used with another adjective to emphasize that you like a particular quality that someone or something has

    nice warm socks

    a nice big smile

    nice and warm/comfortable/clean etc:

    It’s nice and quiet in here.

    I like my coffee nice and strong.

  4. 4
    formal with very small differences in detail

    These are nice distinctions that are extremely technical.

  5. 5
    done with a lot of skill

    a nice little turn from the United striker

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noun [uncountable]

Niceness can be seen as a sign of weakness.