next - definition and synonyms

adjective, adverb, determiner, pronoun 

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Next is used in the following ways:
as a determiner (followed by a noun): I’ll see you next week.
as an adjective: I’m leaving town on the next train.I didn’t realize what had happened until the next day.I’m seeing him on Tuesday next.
as a pronoun: You’re the next in line.I’ll be seeing him the week after next.
as an adverb: What happens next?After me, he’s the next tallest boy in the class.
in the preposition phrase next to: Come and sit next to me.
  1. 1
    used for referring to the time, event, action, person etc that comes after this one or after another one

    He said he was leaving for Rome the next day.

    Who will be the next president?

    The next train to arrive at platform three is the 10.40 to Liverpool.

    I’ll call you the next time I’m in town.

    Who’s next in the queue?

    I’ll be busy this week and next.

    When I next spoke with him, he told me he had got married.

    I knew exactly what was going to happen next.

    First, peel the fruit. Next, prepare a chocolate sauce.

    the next few weeks/several months/five years etc:

    Over the next few weeks I tried to re-organize the office.

    next Tuesday/week/year etc (=the Tuesday, week, year etc that comes after this one):

    I’ll see you next Friday.

    The Scottish Parliament elections take place next May.

    Monday/Tuesday etc next (=the Monday, Tuesday etc after this one):

    The ceremony will take place on Monday next.

  2. 2
    used for referring to the place that is closest to where you are

    I could hear the sound of laughter in the next room.

    1. a.
      used for referring to the first place that you come to when you continue moving

      The next main road you come to will be King Street.

      Get out at the next station.