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  1. 1
    recently created, built, invented, or planned

    They are going to build a new office block here.

    We went to the new Tom Cruise film last week.

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    1. b.
      recently made and never used by anyone before

      Is this camera new?

      brand/spanking new (=used for emphasizing that something is completely new):

      How can she afford to buy a brand new Ferrari?

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    2. c.
      recently bought or supplied to someone

      Have you seen my new car? I bought it yesterday.

      She’s hoping to move into her new flat next week.

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    3. d.
      recently obtained

      Matthew’s got a new girlfriend.

      She takes up the new post on January 26.

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  2. 2
    replacing something that you no longer have or something that is no longer useful

    I could do with some new shoes.

    I need to get a new passport – my old one’s expired.

    a new approach to the problem

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    1. a.
      replacing a previous type of thing
      new breed:

      She is one of a new breed of politicians.

      new generation:

      the exciting new generation of hand-held computers

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  3. 3
    recently arrived in a place or situation that you have not been in before

    New entrants do written tests in their first week.

    new to:

    We are new to the London area.

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  4. 4
    if you learn a new subject or skill, you learn one that you did not know previously

    I showed her a new technique for catching the frogs.

    Why not study a new language?

    1. a.
      new information or facts are things that you did not know previously

      Police have now been given some new information.

    2. b.
      if someone discovers something new, they find something that no one else knows about
      new to:

      Many of these plants are entirely new to science.

  5. 5
    a new day, year, life etc is the start of a particular period of time, especially one that you hope will be happier or more successful

    This could be the beginning of a new era in transatlantic politics.

    whole new (=used for emphasis):

    The scheme could mean a whole new way of life for residents.


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