natural - definition and synonyms


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  1. 1
    existing in nature and not produced or caused by people

    This cloth is made from natural fibres.

    areas of great natural beauty

    completely/totally natural:

    All the ingredients we use are completely natural.

    natural causes:

    Mr Johnson died from natural causes (=not as a result of an accident or crime).

    1. a.
      not changed from a natural state by production or growing methods

      natural food

  2. 2
    reasonable or expected in a particular situation

    His anger was an entirely natural reaction.

    It’s only natural to worry about your child’s diet.

  3. 3
    [only before noun] existing in someone from an early age

    Angela’s a natural leader.

    natural talent/ability:

    The best players have natural talent.

    natural instinct:

    Her natural instinct was to defend herself.

  4. 5
    [only before noun] natural parents are the ones you were born to

derived word


noun [uncountable]