native - definition and synonyms

adjective [only before noun] 

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  1. 1
    living in a particular country, area, or city since birth

    My wife’s a native New Yorker, but I’m from Atlanta.

    Monique returns to her native France every summer.

    native land (=the country that you were born in):

    After a long stay in England he’s back in his native land.

    1. a.
      your native language or native tongue is the first language that you learn, usually in the country where you were born
  2. 2
    native abilities or qualities are those that you have had since birth

    Pupils are encouraged to develop their native skills.

  3. 3
    relating to the first people to live in an area

    The territory was divided between the Burgundians and the native population.

  4. 4
    native plants or animals have always existed in a place
    native to:

    Elephants are native to Africa and Asia.

    native species:

    The larger frogs are a native species.

  5. 5
    developed for use on a particular platform or device

    Games should be native apps, and pretty much everything else is best done with HTML5/JS.