minus - definition and synonyms

adjective, preposition 

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Minus can be used in the following ways:
as a preposition: Seventeen minus nine is eight.The Scottish team will be minus two of its best players.
as an adjective: The teacher gave me a C minus.
  1. 1
    maths used in mathematics for showing that you are taking one number from another. This word is usually represented by the symbol -

    72 minus 5 equals 67.

  2. 2
    maths used before a number to show that a number or temperature is less than zero

    The temperature fell to minus 15 degrees last night.

    Subtract ten from seven and the answer is minus three.

    a minus quantity (=an amount or number that is less than zero):

    If you subtract 12 from 10, the result will be a minus quantity.

  3. 3
    informal without something that you had in the past or usually have

    Anthony returned to work minus his beard.

    The Dempster family arrived back in England safely but minus their luggage.

  4. 4
    [only before noun] used for describing a disadvantage or negative quality of something
    a minus point/factor:

    One of the minus points was the risk of getting caught.