master - definition and synonyms

noun [countable] 

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  1. 1
    a man who is very good at something
    master at:

    O’Sullivan is an absolute master at this type of shot.

    master of:

    He’s a master of the clever remark.

    1. a.
      art a famous artist

      original prints from modern masters such as Chagall and Hockney

  2. 2
    old-fashioned a man who has control over servants or other people who work for him

    Many children found themselves working for masters who exploited them.

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    1. b.
      a person who has control over something
      be master of something:

      a system under which people are masters of their own lives

    2. c.
      a man who is the official leader of an organization, group, or event

      the master of the Hunt

    3. d.
      the man who owns a particular dog

      See how she stays close to her master.

    4. f.
      British old-fashioned a male teacher
    5. g.




      a man who is in charge of a college in some British universities or of a building where people live in some colleges in the US
  3. 4


    old-fashioned used for talking to or about a young boy
  4. 5


    used for talking to or about some religious leaders or teachers of martial arts
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