market - definition and synonyms


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  1. 2
    [singular] economics trade in goods of a particular kind

    the property/securities/computer market

    market in:

    Changes in the weather affect the market in fruit and vegetables.

    a share of the market:

    We’re hoping to increase our share of the market.

    a buyer’s/seller’s market (=economic conditions that give the person buying/selling an advantage):

    It’s certainly a buyer’s market in the car industry at the moment.

  2. 3
    [countable] economics a particular place or group of people that a product is sold to

    Hong Kong is the main market for our shellfish.

  3. 4
    [singular] the total number of people willing to buy a particular product
    market for:

    There will be a huge market for our digital systems.

  4. 5
    [countable] economics a stock market

    Trading has been slow on the New York and Tokyo markets this morning.

  5. 6
    [singular] economics the economic system in which prices, salaries, and the supply of goods are controlled by what and how much people buy

    Governments are happy to let the market decide.

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