many - definition and synonyms

adverb, determiner, predeterminer, pronoun 

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Many can be used in the following ways:
as a determiner (followed by a plural noun): It happened many years ago.How many children have you?
as a pronoun: ‘Did he write any other books?’ ‘Not many.’ (followed by ‘of’): Many of you will be going on to university.
as a predeterminer (followed by the indefinite article ‘a’ and a singular noun): We shall not see each other again for many a long day.
as an adjective (after a word such as ‘the’, ‘his’, or ‘these’, and followed by a noun): He said goodbye to his many friends.
as a noun in the phrase the many: The few who behave badly spoil the enjoyment of the many.
  1. a large number of people, things, places etc

    Did you get many responses to your advertisement?

    I haven’t told many people that I am pregnant.

    I’ve been to their house many times.

    In many cases workers were being employed without a written contract.

    Dervla Murphy’s latest book describes her many adventures in Nepal.

    The news will bring joy to many.

    many of:

    Many of the world’s leading doctors have been trained here in Edinburgh.

    too many:

    There are too many rules and regulations.

    a good many (=a fairly large number):

    We’ve lived here for a good many years.

    many many (=a very large number):

    It all happened many many years ago.

    a great many (=a very large number):

    He was asked a great many questions and answered them all.

    not very many (=only a few):

    Not very many companies can afford the high cost of introducing new technology.

    many a (=more than a few):

    No doubt she had many a tale to tell of the old days.

    many hundreds/thousands/millions:

    Many thousands of animals died in the floods.

    so many:

    The scientists have been proved wrong so many times that people no longer believe them.

    1. a.

      the many

      the majority of people

      I don’t see why the many should suffer because of the few idiots who cause trouble.

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