maintain - definition and synonyms

verb [transitive] 

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present tense
present participlemaintaining
past tensemaintained
past participlemaintained
  1. 1
    to make something stay the same

    It’s sometimes hard to maintain the right balance between your work and your home life.

    maintain stability/continuity/the status quo:

    the problem of maintaining social stability in a period of great economic change

    1. a.
      to continue to communicate with someone and not allow a relationship to end
      maintain contact/relations/links:

      Though now in government, he has maintained close contact with his former colleagues in the oil industry.

  2. 3
    to continue to say that something is true, even if other people do not believe you

    The missile system, Bush maintains, will protect the US against so-called rogue states.

    maintain (that):

    The company still maintains that the drug is safe.

    maintain your innocence:

    She maintained her innocence throughout the trial.

  3. 4
    to provide someone with the money and other things that they need in order to live

    He was barely earning enough to maintain himself.