lucky - definition and synonyms


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  1. if you are lucky, something good happens to you as a result of luck

    Five lucky winners will each receive £1,000.

    None of his sisters had been lucky with men.

    lucky (that):

    You’re lucky that he was there.

    it is lucky (that):

    It’s lucky that I arrived when I did.

    be lucky to do something:

    You’re really lucky to be alive.

    count/consider yourself lucky:

    Count yourself lucky you still have a home to go to.

    1. a.
      happening as a result of good luck and not because of anything that you do

      Germany won the match on a lucky goal.

      You had a lucky escape.

      lucky break (=a chance that brings you success):

      His first lucky break was meeting a famous film producer.

    2. b.
      bringing you good luck

      a lucky charm

      Three is my lucky number.

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