luck - definition and synonyms

noun [uncountable] 

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  1. 1
    success that you have by chance and not because of anything that you do

    John never had much luck with girls.

    wish someone luck (in/with something):

    We’d all like to wish you luck in your new job.

  2. 2
    an influence that seems to make things, especially good things, happen to people for no particular reason

    There was an element of luck in the last goal.

    good/bad luck:

    He’s had nothing but bad luck since moving to New York.

    sheer/pure luck:

    It was sheer luck that we found the house.

    bring luck:

    It’s a custom that is believed to bring good luck.

    it’s bad luck (=it brings you bad luck):

    Many people believe it’s bad luck to walk under a ladder.

    your luck runs out (=you are not lucky any more):

    Their luck is bound to run out sometime.

    your luck changes (=you suddenly become lucky or not lucky):

    Perhaps your luck will change and you’ll meet someone really nice.

    your luck holds/lasts (=you continue to be lucky):

    My luck held and I found a petrol station just in time.