loose - definition and synonyms


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  1. 1
    not firmly fixed in position

    a loose tooth

    work/come loose (=become loose):

    One of the screws had worked loose.

    1. a.
      if your hair is loose, it is not tied in position

      Her hair was loose and hung on her shoulders.

    2. c.
      if a person or animal is loose, they can move around easily because they are not tied to anything, not held by anyone, or not kept inside something

      A large dog was loose in the garden.

      break/shake/get loose (from someone/something) (=become free):

      The woman managed to break loose from her attacker and run for help.

      turn/set/let someone loose (=allow someone to be free):

      The kidnappers had set him loose on a dark country lane.

  2. 2
    not kept together as part of a group or in a container

    Loose oranges are 60p each.

  3. 3
    loose clothes are large and do not fit your body tightly

    a loose cotton shirt

    1. a.
      if something such as a rope or knot is loose, it is not pulled tight
  4. 4
    not exactly accurate in every detail

    This is a loose translation of the letter.

  5. 5
    not strictly organized or official

    a system in which political parties form a loose alliance

    We’ve got a loose arrangement for looking after each other’s children.

  6. 6
    if the solid waste from your body is loose, it has too much liquid in it
  7. 7
    a loose ball is not being controlled by any of the players in a game
  8. 8
    old-fashioned careless about what you say or who you say it to
    loose talk:

    You’ve been warned about loose talk before.