look on - definition and synonyms

phrasal verb
present tense
I/you/we/theylook on
he/she/itlooks on
present participlelooking on
past tenselooked on
past participlelooked on
  1. 1
    [intransitive] to watch an activity or event without taking part in it

    Phil looked on in disbelief as Maggie got up on the table and started to dance.

  2. 2

    look on


    look upon

    [transitive] look on/upon someone/something to think of someone or something in a particular way
    look on as:

    We’re not related but I look on him as a brother.

    I look on it as a challenge.

    look on with:

    Thirty years ago, kids would have looked on such music with contempt.

    1. a.
      not look kindly on/upon to not approve of something

      We don’t look kindly on people who cheat us.

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