load - definition and synonyms


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present tense
present participleloading
past tenseloaded
past participleloaded
  1. 1



    load up

    [intransitive/transitive] to put a load onto or into something such as a vehicle or container

    They are loading the truck now.

    Down at the docks, ships were loading and unloading.

    load something into/onto something:

    Were there any problems loading the cargo onto the boat?

    load something with something:

    She loaded my plate with grapes and plums.

  2. 2
    [transitive] to put something into a piece of equipment so that it is ready to use

    Did you load the dishwasher?

    load something with/into something:

    He loaded the DVD into the player.

    My camera is loaded with a colour film.

    1. a.
      computing to put information or a program into a computer

      The data is loaded from a spreadsheet file.

    2. b.
      to put bullets into a gun

      He stopped to load his rifle.

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