keen - definition and synonyms


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  1. 1
    wanting to do something, or wanting other people to do something
    be keen to do something:

    The government is keen to avoid further conflict with the unions.

    very/particularly keen:

    We are very keen to encourage more local employers to work with us.

    be keen on doing something:

    The captain wasn’t keen on having him in the team.

    be keen for someone to do something:

    Of course I’m keen for him to be successful.

    1. a.
      wanting to do something well

      Many of our players are very young and keen.

      The students in this class are all very keen.

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  2. 2
    [only before noun] very interested in an activity that you do often because you enjoy it
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  3. 3
    very strong

    His business training was combined with a keen sense of duty.

    a keen awareness of the importance of IT to industry

    a keen interest in something:

    Mr Lindsay always took a keen interest in his pupilsachievements.

  4. 5
    mainly literary a keen wind is cold and strong

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noun [uncountable]