intention - definition and synonyms

noun [countable/uncountable] 

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  1. a plan in your mind to do something

    What is your intention?

    intention of doing something:

    Megan suddenly announced her intention of selling the house.

    have no intention of doing something:

    We have no intention of giving up.

    with the intention of doing something:

    No one goes to college with the intention of failing.

    have every intention of doing something (=really intend to do it):

    I had every intention of phoning her this morning, but I just didn’t get a chance.

    intention to do something:

    It wasn’t my intention to upset you.

    good/bad intentions (=plans to do something good/bad):

    You may be full of good intentions but not everyone will share your enthusiasm.

    the best (of) intentions:

    I know you had the best of intentions, but you should have consulted me first.

    intention that:

    It was never our intention that people should suffer as a result of these cuts in spending.