in touch (with someone) - definition and synonyms

  1. 1

    be in touch (with someone)

    to see, speak to, or write to someone

    I’ll be in touch next week about our trip to Paris.

    Are you still in touch with any friends from university?

  2. 2

    get in touch (with someone)

    to speak or write to someone, especially after you have not spoken to them for a long time

    I must get in touch with the bank and arrange an overdraft.

  3. 3

    keep/stay in touch (with someone)

    to continue to write or speak to someone although you do not see them often

    They moved away five years ago, but we still keep in touch.

    keep/stay in close touch (=speak or write to someone often):

    We stayed in close touch while they were in Johannesburg.

  4. 4

    put someone in touch with someone

    to tell someone the name, telephone number etc of a person or organization that can give them information or help

    Maria put me in touch with a great acupuncturist in London.

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