guide - definition and synonyms

verb [transitive] 

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present tense
present participleguiding
past tenseguided
past participleguided
  1. 1
    to show someone which direction they should walk or travel in by going with them
    guide someone through/to/along etc something:

    He guided them through the forest.

    Carol will guide you round the museum.

    1. a.
      to physically help someone to move in a particular direction
      guide someone to/along etc something:

      Lucy took the old man’s arm and gently guided him to his chair.

    2. b.
      if a light, signal etc guides someone or something, it shows them where to go

      We had only the stars to guide us.

      The planes are guided in by radio beacons.

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    3. c.
      to carefully move a vehicle or other moving object so that it goes where you want it to go
      guide something towards/into etc something:

      Slowly he guided the boat towards the dock.

  2. 2
    to help someone to make decisions or judgments about something

    There was no market research to guide them.

    guiding principle (=a very important belief that influences your decisions):

    You must have some guiding principles for the way you run your business.

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    1. a.
      to help someone to do something by giving them advice at different stages
      guide someone through something:

      We can guide you through the maze of financial planning.

      guide someone in something:

      Students should be carefully guided in their reading.

  3. 3
    to try to make a situation or an organization develop in a particular way

    a code that attempts to guide the behaviour of officials

    guide something towards something:

    Harry tried to guide the conversation towards the subject of money.