guide - definition and synonyms

noun [countable] 

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  1. 1
    a book about a city, country, or area

    The Complete Guide to Norway

    travel guide:

    It is worth buying a good travel guide.

    1. a.
      a book about a particular subject or type of activity

      Get the booklet Income Tax: A Guide for Married Couples.

      guide to:

      a comprehensive guide to the new simplified divorce procedure

      I bought a copy of A Beginner’s Guide to Flower Arranging.

      step-by-step guide:

      See our step-by-step guide on page 17.

  2. 2
    something that helps you to make a judgment about something
    guide to/as to:

    The doctor will give you a guide as to how much you should weigh.

    good/reliable guide:

    A plant’s leaves are a good guide to its health.

    rough guide:

    Opinion polls only serve as a rough guide to how people really vote.

  3. 3
    a piece of equipment that helps you to find the correct place or amount for something

    a cutting guide

    This chart can act as a quick reference guide.

    use something as a guide:

    Draw up the plan using this pencil outline as a guide.

  4. 4
    tourism someone whose job is to look after a group of people who are visiting a place and give them information about it

    Your guide will explain what the different machines were used for.

    1. a.
      someone who shows you which direction to walk or travel in, especially as their job
      mountain guide:

      She’s working as a mountain guide in the Swiss Alps.

    See also tour guide
  5. 5
    someone who helps you to decide what to do by giving you advice or by giving you a good example to follow

    She was his guide and his inspiration.

  6. 6


    old-fashioned a girl who is a member of the Guides, an organization that encourages girls aged ten to 14 years to learn practical skills and help other people